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  1. Hello guys, I would love to share with you all this article that I found on the Internet sharing tons of useful resources for learning English. It mentions many FREE resources, songs, tips, courses, etc. You will acquire lots of helpful information after reading through the whole article. P.S. This article is written in Spanish, but it is written in a very simple Spanish. So, you don't need a high level of Spanish to understand the article. Hope it helps for some of you guys.
  2. Hello guys, I'd love to share with you all an useful resource for learning English FREE/ONLINE. You may check out this website: FREE/ONLINE resources BUT! This website is all written in Spanish, so that's why I'd say it is more suitable for Spanish native speakers or those who understand Spanish. And don't worry, it is written in a very simple Spanish, so you don't need an advanced level to understand the content. In this website, it divides different free resources for learning English based on different Hispanic countries / USA so that you can know more clearly where to obt
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