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  1. I don't know what people find so difficult about Arabic and why they are complaining, they even voted it the hardest on thetoptens.com, but after having a quick analysis of the grammar and structure, it is quite easy, except for the writing system that needs a bit of practice. So far, I haven't found anything that is really difficult about Arabic. I found Japanese harder because of kanji, around 2000 of them, and the much longer sentence structure, and the many different words of counting depending on what you are counting. Chinese is even harder still because of the tones and the 8000 symbol
  2. I was translating sentences on Google translate just for fun, and then I typed this sentence: " I went across the swamp and found a cigarette. " When it translated to Latin, it gave words that sounded familiar but funny when you think about their English equivalents. Considering the English equivalent of the words translated, the translation sounded something like: " I a bit trans-ported through stagnant water and invented a joint. "
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