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  1. I wrote essay about smartphone addiction. My essay click What is your opinion ? My question is some people think that smartphone applications lead to addiction others dont think like that. What is your opinion and give spesific reasons.
  2. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ? AND WHAT DO YOU THİNK ABOUT ? Online or traditional education
  3. Hello; Generally people write essay for exams such as IELTS or They write for school tasks. I give some advices for essay writers. I write step by step and give some sample. If you wonder how to write an essay and trips, you can look at that. https://lifeguardfish.blogspot.com/2020/01/how-to-write-essay-with-samples-for.html
  4. Hello guys, Today I share methods for learning ENGLISH WORDS and improving your WRITING skills . Our first method is writing and reading a English stories but these stories should be easy and we can understand meaning of words.I share a example for that I made. In this example There are some words that are BLUE and you can UNDERSTAND words WHEN YOU READ stories.Also some pictures may help you.Actually, Everyone said that you should read English stories but writing is as important as reading FOR EXAMPLE : I write a little stories about vocabulary that I don't know. That may be useful for y
  5. Hello guys, Today I mention my tips for improving English Level.You know that people who teach something repeat and learn something because of that I deceive start to blogging because I can comunicate a lot of people in internet and I can learn from them and we can help ourselves. I developed a website and started to writing. First times, I was starting essaies(kind of essays, examples and How to write essay) and debate speech script .After I see people read my posts, I wrote my challange experiences. These are generally about personal evoluation .Also I started learn vocabulary easily series.
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