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  1. Are you a bacon fan or a non bacon fan? If yes... why? If not... why? If due to religion... why do you think your religion banned it? [RichWords] Who says we got time to diligently find people to speak Spanish with? And who said you can only exchange English to Spanish and vice-versa? Who said, who said. Let’s bend the rules a little and create a free for all chat room. Find friends, add prompts that I will then add to this post for everyone to view and respond to, as well as your USER ATTACHED so that everyone knows who wrote it. No more awkward beginnings with strangers, and just let i
  2. Hey! I am only 15 days in to my 100 day challenge. My 2 tween brothers quit on day 13 due to.......... well, an attention seeking... PlayStation! But I’m still going strong and now need a buddy. I am 14, a girl. I have so many resources, so much to share with you, all free... cause I’m 14. And over all am driven to do this thing! Would love to meet some people equally as driven, and won’t bail on me. But hey! Anyone will do, you feel me? Welcome to all! Let’s just chat and share in Spanish.
  3. So here’s my story (I am 14) my brothers and I started a 100 Day Spanish Challenge. Looking to do as much as we can. unfortunately I was the one (as the oldest) taking on the teacher role when being a student myself. I was committed and driven. But my brothers were not. While I would spend the time figuring out what we would do for the day to learn some Spanish they just sat there expecting me to do all the work... as well as the learning. They quit on day 13 being tweens with a PlayStation, so I’m stuck here (day 15) without Spanish partners. So far I have stored 248 words int
  4. Soy Nuevo también! Estoy tratando de Hacer 100 días del Español. Queres de hacer conmigo? Tengo tanto recursos decirte. “Im new too! I’m trying to do 100 days of Spanish. Want to do it with me? I have so many resources to tell you!” Yeah, the resources I got down, all free and just all around treasures I found while searching for the online Spanish cave. hit me up!
  5. Yes! I’d love to! I've been using multiple resources (dang, I did lost of research, I’m telling you there are so many resources once you find the entry to the cave) that I would love to share with you. This was a 100 day challenge that I was doing with my bros. But seeing as they are in their teens/tweens and have a PlayStation at hand. They gave up day 14 (it’s day 15 now) and are currently sitting on the couch playing video games. So I need some practice buddies.Hit me up!
  6. Hey! I’m fluent in English (I’ve lived in the US my whole life and speak 2 languages fluently and another comprehensively. English is one of the fluent ones. I would love to learn Spanish and help you with your English. So far I have learned (but not memorized by heart) around 200 words, plus some extra nouns by categories. That would be around 48 nouns. So altogether I have around 248 words stored in my brain. I have been learning for 15 days. I know the present tense conjugation for regular verbs, how to conjugate adjectives, etc. Over all, I’ll tell you my plans if we start chatting Hit me
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