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  1. I'm just sharing this here as I guess it could be useful to others. There is a lot of talk about the best app for X or Y, and how to properly record and recall vocabulary is quite a contentious topic (notebook vs. evernote vs. anki vs. other weird techniques), and methods to actually get it done are even more so (see 'haters vs. lovers of goldlist method). But what if you could actually just build the app that you wanted, completely customized to what you wanted to learn? I just put together this guide for how you can build your own vocabulary app with just a Google Account, but anyone can copy the template and adapt it as they see fit. See here: How to build your own vocabulary app for free (with just a Google account) It's been amazing to see what people have built so far. Ps. I use it to note down Italian words (I'm an English native speaker) but it supports 103 languages at the moment.
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