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  1. Hello everyone ! :o) Before I introduce myself, let me ask you one thing : Is there anyone here who has also been considering moving to Austria or Germany ? I am currently looking for rental and would be great to get to know someone who is also moving there soon as an expat ! Or if there is any resident of Germany or Austria who would be willing to help me find a flat / would give some hiints ("at least" as to the best online webs (student-budget friendly ), I would be so glad :o) In return I can offer you lessons of Czech (and life-time friendship of course ! :o) I am so much looking forward to make new friends here ! Have a lovely day !
  2. Thank you very much for the warm welcome Honestly I was expecting at least one response to come. Pity
  3. Hello everyone. I am looking for studdy-buddies and friends at the same time (with similar views to mine (...) ). I am a native Czech (thus I can offer my teaching services if you want to learn Czech / have been already studying it :o) and am looking for lovely people to learn a language with. My current German level is B1 and am planning on taking a Fachsprache exam in medicine. I have just started learning Italian (from scratch, really). Apart from that, I would be also very much interested in Croatian, Japanese, Spanish, French and (have never studied those). Or any other language, really :) (also Scandinavian ones) Or any other language (you would also like to find a study buddy for ) ? :o) Let me know !
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