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  1. Hey, something I think would pair very well with this is a tool on this site: https://languagetools.io/reading/ The "reading tool" serves as a very cool library that also helps with "live" text translation and vocabulary learning. It is very good at tracking your progress with the words you don't understand, and also helps to avoid struggling with reading complicated texts. In addition to texts, there are audios with transcripts so you can read what you hear in your target language. Personally, the audio feature is the best for me because sometimes something like that is hard to find
  2. Hey! Definetely check https://quizlet.com/ . It's is exactly what you are looking for. You can attach images to flashcards. You can also click on a button to hear the words. On the "learning mode" it shows you more often the words that you have struggles with. It also has a play mode that all the other kids will also probably enjoy. Not sponsored I just love it and has helped me through my german a lot
  3. Hey! Around two years ago, due to a strong earthquake in Mexico City, my school colapsed pretty badly and we were forced to finish the semester with online lessons. What I can tell you about my struggles and experiences: --> My teachers were still highly motivated to give good lessons. However, take into account that there are rare scenarios when this will not be the case, but in that way it is very similar to a normal class. --> I struggled the most with my attention. Having to take a class from a computer and not face-to-face can be challenging because it is easy to just
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