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  1. Heya Linguaholic forum, I study at an online Chinese language school (GoEast Mandarin) and with a teacher there I made a Roblox map for learning 15 very basic Chinese characters. Maybe the game is too childish for adults, but I think fun for children. A panda will guide you through each gate: you need to type the pinyin pronunciation. You can watch the video here. What do you think? Or of course find the map on Roblox here: https://www.roblox.com/games/6600036679/GoEastMandarins-Character-Fun#!/
  2. 望梅止渴, hope to clench your thirst by thinking of plums Like, I had a Chinese colleague who used this. He'd joke he'd be so poor he'd open Baidu on his laptop, look at expensive food while eating 5 RMB instant noodles. Then he said "望梅止渴Wàngméizhǐkě"
  3. Hi Linguaholic! This is Jaap or 雅普 as my Chinese name goes. I'm pretty excited to join a new language forum, I would have never imagined this studying 15 years ago at highschool, as I was pretty bad at all languages. Although of course, in the Netherlands they don't teach Mandarin, I would never have taught I'd be learning Chinese some day. I'm learning Chinese online through Zoom, as well as sometimes sometimes in-person in Shanghai. My Chinese online school has been really good and I'm now able to hold good conversations with Chinese people, even though sometimes TV is still diffi
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