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  1. The site now has some HSK vocabulary! HSK 1 HSK 2 HSK 3 HSK 4 The original contents of these lists are from http://popupchinese.com/hsk/test. I've edited them for correctness and clarity. If you find any issues, please feel free to post them here! I've also added a course about some words related to tea
  2. In case anyone is interested: I've updated the site again! Each course can now have a picture, which I think makes things look a lot nicer :) I've also added a few new courses to the site: Metals and more Common chemical elements 恩典之路 (A Christian hymn) 學貓叫 (A Chinese song) Enjoy! :)
  3. The site now has support for public vocabulary lists, so you can create a vocabulary list and share it with others or study a vocabulary list that someone else has made! I haven't updated the screenshots on the site to showcase this new feature, but I thought I would post here, in case anyone is interested in one of the courses that I've made so far: Vocabulary from the song 最後我們沒在一起 Vocabulary from the song 因爲剛好遇見你 Vocabulary from the song 如鹿切慕溪水 (A Christian hymn) Advanced colors (Such as ocher, cyan, and tan) Common chemical elements (Such as hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon)
  4. Hi everyone I've updated the site with some new features. Feel free to take a look, if you like
  5. Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce My Little Word Land, a website that I've been making for practicing foreign language vocabulary, including Chinese vocabulary. I've put up a beta version of the site at www.mylittlewordland.com, and I'm trying to get the word out to people who might be interested About Learn vocabulary! Review vocabulary! Build a village! My Little Word Land is a website for learning and reviewing foreign language vocabulary. The site uses a simple and (hopefully ) effective algorithm designed to help you efficiently study. Setup My Little Word Land does not yet have any premade vocabulary lists for you to use, so for now, you'll need to create your own lists of words that you'd like to learn. You can populate this list by either manually inputting words or by uploading a vocabulary list that you've download from another website or made via Excel. Learn Study part of your list of vocabulary words and then take quizzes to make sure that you remember the material. When reviewing, words in the quizzes are ordered by how long you've successfully remembered them, with words that you haven't remembered for very long being shown before words that you've already successfully remembered for a long time. Build One of the fun aspects of My Little Word Land is that as you study, you gain resources that you can then use to build a little village Advanced features My Little Word Land lets you choose what language to be prompted in and what language to respond with. For example, if you're learning Spanish, you can choose to be prompted in Spanish and answer with English or to be prompted in English and answer with Spanish. This can be especially useful for languages that have a separate way to write a word's pronunciation. For example, if you're learning Chinese, then you could choose to first be prompted in Chinese and answer with English, then be prompted in Chinese and answer with Pinyin, and then be prompted in English and answer with Chinese. (Chinese ➔ English, Chinese➔ Pinyin, English ➔ Chinese) Similarly, for Japanese you could you could choose to first be prompted in Kanji and answer with English, then be prompted in Kanji and answer with Hiragana, and then be prompted in English and answer with Kanji. (Kanji ➔ English, Kanji ➔ Katakana, English ➔ Kanji) If you run into any issues or have questions, feel free to let me know by posting in this thread Oh, and in case it's useful to anyone, here's a list of some of the known bugs/missing features: Importing vocabulary from a file only works if the course doesn't already include vocabulary words. There's currently no way to delete your user or reset your password. There's no way to give a column a custom name. Thanks! -neoncube (Original post below)
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