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  1. I work at Pandanese (just know I am biased but honest ) and would like to introduce our app to Linguaholic community. Hope it will be useful for some of you who learn Chinese. So, Pandanese is a web application focused on teaching the Simplified Chinese vocabulary. It's way more common in the world both offline and online (except in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong-Kong). It uses Space Repetition System (check out Anki) to learn and review in set intervals to match the mind's natural processing speed of building memories. See pic below. We use spaced repetition with our first int
  2. I'm Russian who live in Montenegro. When I first came here, it was not 100% clear, but after several months speaking and understanding Serbo-Croatian is not a big deal anymore. BTW, Croatian grammar is more similar to the Russian one. For example, Ja ću ići kući je sličnije nego Ja ću da idem kući
  3. For me Serbian is quite fine to learn
  4. Hi @karris! What's your native tongue? I was actively learning Serbian too, but I'm residing in Montenegro which is Serbian speaking. So I was taking offline classes with a teacher. Even if my native tongue is Russian, I did need a teacher who would do housekeeping with grammar and vocabulary in my head. So if you want, I can share you a contact of a brilliant teacher.
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