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  1. For me, I love German, ever since I was in high school (millions of years ago). I learned enough in college classes to carry on a basic conversation and make myself understood (while probably massacring the grammar). Even though I live in a large city, I only very rarely run across someone who speaks German. Yes, there is one older church with older members who speak German south of town somewhere. I was kind of hoping to learn a language like German in order to run across people in everyday life who I could speak it with, but I don't think that's going to happen. I've seriously thought about becoming fluent in Spanish instead, since there would be plenty of opportunity to use that where I live in Florida. I like Spanish, but I love German. I play in several tennis clubs here in town, and I was surprised at the number of native Russian speakers in them; and I attended a large church up the road once, and lo and behold they have a small Russian congregation there where they only speak Russian! I've considered flipping to learning Russian instead of German, too. I would have far more opportunity to converse with native Russian speakers - but I would have a long way to go to even catch up to where I am proficiency-wise with German, right now. So I'm undecided. I'm furthest along with German, followed by Spanish (some college classes in that), and a very basic understanding of Russian (and I was once told by a native Russian speaker that I have zero accent in Russian back when I was able to practice it some). What do others of you do once you become proficient in a foreign language? What do you do with it?
  2. I want to learn this particular language to help my job chances in my particular field (and because I like this language), but due to financial constraints and family responsibilities, I'm unable to attend school, hire a tutor, and certainly not able to spend time in that overseas country with immersion. Is it possible to learn a foreign language on my own solely with learning resources online and possibly small Russian meetups locally? I mean, without it taking me years? I've already studied German and Spanish, and though I'm not fluent in them, I know what's involved with studying a foreign language.
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