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  1. Thanks Igelkott and good luck to you too!
  2. Hi Joel! I look forward to maybe getting to know you a little better. I happen to be in the process of learning Spanish. Perhaps some day we could practice together over Skype! Glad to see you hear and have a great day!
  3. Hi Igelkott! It looks like we must have been thinking alike today as I think we both signed up about the same time. I'm here as a Spanish language learner. It never even occurred to me to learn Swedish, but I bet that is really interesting. Is it very hard? So far Spanish hasn't;t been to bad, though word order has me confused from time to time. Well, maybe not confused so much as I am still thinking in English word order and then translating that way. I haven't had much chance to speak with native speakers, but there are quite a few in Kansas City, where I live. I hope to go to a Mexican
  4. Hello everyone. I just started learning Spanish about a month ago, so I have quite a bit more to learn. I have really enjoyed it so far, especially learning about the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. I'm looking forward to getting to know people on here and hopefully be able to start using my Spanish with someone. Of course, I hope to come here to ask questions too, but most of all I just want some fun with other language learners!
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