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  1. Hello guys, I wanted to share with you a channel on Youtube that we have just started. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdkOCw_ANjWJ7emk_69QyCw It tries to help Spanish speakers to learn English with videos using TV series and songs as examples. Feel free to have a look. Thank you ^^ I forgot to say that we also offer free resources (explanations and exercises) so people can practice vocabulary and grammar. https://londoneyepad.com/academia-de-ingles-en-cordoba/gramatica-inglesa/
  2. My name is Alberto. I'm from Spain. I've been learning English for several years and I really love the language. I love being able to watch TV series and reading books in English. I've also started to learn Japanese but I'm finding it a bit difficult so far. Thanks, see you around ^^
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