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  1. Grammar Grizzly (http://grammargrizzly.com) is a website that that helps Spanish language learners, make sense and simplify learning grammar by showing you what and when you need to learn or revise a grammar point with endless examples and explanations. Learning a language takes a lot if time, effort and strategy, while also being pretty expensive. Most of online resources focus on vocabulary and helping picking up few sentences for particular settings. Which feels good when you first apply it, but could be a pain I there is a gap in your grammar. We help fill the gaps, learn new
  2. Hey Linguaholics, Few years back I moved to Barcelona with zero Spanish, after months of Duolingo + tutors, I made small progress, but grammar was always a bit of pain. When covid hit, me and my biddy decided to improve our Spanish grammar and built tool for ourselves. It's a mix of theory and flash cards on steroids for grammar, with zero setup and optemised learning plan. We will be launching it next week, but would love to know your feedback on if that might be a problem for you and if what we do resonates with it. Feel free ro drop any suggestions and feedback. http:
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