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  1. I handled Japanese students during a international service learning once.
  2. There are a lot of great platforms online and in social media especially youtube., you just gotta utilize which one works best for you. Always take note of your vocabulary. In addition you have to talk to people who are fluent in the language and take the time to atleast talk to them once a day,
  3. On what characteristics or what should the accent sound like.
  4. Hands down the joker, it'll always be the joker, mark hamill and heath ledger.
  5. Yes. It's really helpful having extra reference and soures rather than sticking to what you have or what is in front of you. It can be beneficial to your part but at the same time you can learn from it as well. So yeah it really helps.
  6. This actually depends on the game but for the most part whenever I play japanese games, i tend to use english subtitles since it is more natural and smooth when on japanese lol, but other than that I just play gamdom slots which is casual gambling but if i use vpn I switch to portugal and german if i don't have access on some sites. And on other days I play warzone and elden ring.
  7. We had to take course in college where our foreign language class, but aside from that it is necessary especially when going to japan since most of the people there doesn't practice english often or is fluent in it
  8. Hey I am from brazil as well, I play red dead redemption 2, and even play NBA2k21, I do play warzone here is my IGN, ActivisionID we can play if you want, I go to the gym and I am a content writer for job vacancies brazil, which is an online catalogue,
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