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  1. "Possibility because the study costs me time, which I can get back. " I realized i wrote this sentence wrong. I wanted to write " Possibility to study at better univerites costed me time, which I can't get back. I just wanted to say that cance to choose better university costed me time. It is everything ok with this sentence?
  2. Point taken. Thank you for helping. So should I send it now or add smth else to the letter?
  3. I want my letter to look formal, at least a little bit. I know that I need to work on organisation of my letter. Few days after I applied for University in my Country my mom called me. All of a sudden she asked me if I wanted to study in the Netherlands. Only thing which I needed to try to apply was english exam. I thought I must try but then I saw a problem with test dates. I realized that I don't have enough time to pass tests and send them to your University before the deadline.. I don't want to miss it at any cost. I used to be terrible at school. I was playing computer games
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