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  1. Yeah I finally got a Russian keyboard on my laptop. I’ve had it on my own for years as I do write occasionally (with the help of autocorrect). I found a great pc website called LingQ which I think will be one of the most helpful websites I can use for learning how to read and write thankfully I still have relatives that either are fluent or live in Russia. I just need to stop being afraid of messing up
  2. Thank you so much for the insight! I still thankfully have the ability to read, just very slowly and some words I can't read so I skip over them. I think the only thing I cannot do is write. My grammar is so terrible I've basically given up on it when I was about ten. I'll make sure to try your tips. Thank you so much
  3. Hi there! I have decided I want to re-learn Russian but have not figured out what the best way to do so is. I took a test online and it stated i'm intermediate ( I was born there) so I got a bit lucky because I have elementary proficiency. What are the best techniques that worked for you when it came to trying to re-learn and become fluent in a language?
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