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  1. Hola! Yo puedo ayudarte a hablar castellano and I'd need some help with English
  2. ¡Hola Andreas! Yo me llamo Eva y soy de España, me gustaría mucho aprender alemán este verano, vivo en Mallorca y hay mucha gente de allí, me encantaría poder aprender vuestro idioma
  3. Hello fellows, I'm interested about the app Grammarly, it helps you to write in English, there is a premium version and I'm wondering about pay for this service, does someone else use it? Do you use a similar app? Thanks!
  4. Hola Emily, I speak Spanish, I'm from Spain but I could help you with your Spanish, please let me know if you'd like to meet on Skype, I love to help other people to learn my mother tongue. ¡Estamos en contacto!
  5. Hola! Me gusta mucho este topic así que os comento un poco sobre mi cultura, la española. En España nos gusta mucho pasar tiempo al aire libre, podemos elegir entre ir a la playa o a la montaña, yo prefiero la montaña aunque vivo en una isla con playas muy bonitas. La comunidad LGBTQ es muy respetada aunque aún hay gente que no lo aceptan, pero en España se pueden casar y adoptar hijos personas del mismo sexo. Si vais a Madrid, tenéis que visitar el barrio de Chueca, es el barrio gay de la ciudad y es precioso. El deporte más famoso es el fútbol, el cual no me gusta nada, p
  6. Hola Carla! ¿Cómo estás? Te llamas igual que mi prima pequeña yo me llamo Eva y soy de Mallorca, España. Me gusta mucho Australia, y aunque esté muy lejos me gustaría mucho poder ir alguna vez. Me parece un país fascinante por su historia, gente y cultura. Yo estudio administración pero me fascinan las carreras de sociología, antropología y psicología, me gusta mucho conocer acerca del comportamiento humano. ¿Qué estudias en sociología? Tengo mucha curiosidad por saber más de esta carrera. Saludos
  7. Hello! You can try with the futures forms, as a Spanish native speaker I don't know what order you can study, I would recomend you to read books as you will learn the way we talk in Spain, don't read books that's been writen in another languages, read Spanish authors, well, I'm from Spain so I can tell you about Spanish authors, but you can read from other countries where Spanish is mother tongue. One of my favourite authors is Alicia Gimenez, she has writen the stories about the detective Petra Delicado, if you like thriller and stories about crimes. I'll choose a book writen i
  8. Hello Harold, When we say jubilarse is for he or she: "Él/Ella quiere jubilarse este año", but when you're telling that you are going to retire, we use jubilarme: "Este año (yo) voy a jubilarme", and if you have already retired, we use the word jubilado for male and jubilada for female. We have another synonims to refer to retirement, but this one is the best choice. ¡Espero haberte ayudado!
  9. I'd love to study Euskera (Basque language), I went for a class in my city and it was amazing, it's completely differet to other languages we speak in Spain. even so different to English! Another reason is because I'd love to live there, the Basque Country is so beautiful and their gastronomy is delicious, I went to Bilbao many years ago and I felt as if I was at home Is here anybody who speaks Euskera?
  10. Hello! I'm looking for a language interchange English-Spanish partner, we can meet on Skype or even send e-mails. Si necesitas ayuda con tu español, yo puedo ayudarte! :-) Thanks! ¡Gracias! Gràcies!
  11. Hello everyone, how are you doing? I'm glad to be a part of this forum as I don't usually use social media but it's nice to meet new people. I live in a small country in Spain and in my free time I love going for walks to the mountain and ride my motorbike. My mother tongue is Spanish and Catalan, so you can imagine what part of Spain I'm from ;-) I would love to become into a polyglot person, I admire those people who can speak many different languages instead of I speak since I was a child two languages, it wasn't until 2012 when I became into an English fluent person,
  12. Hola Denise! Yo soy de España y me encantaría poder ayudarte con tu español. Could you help me with my English? :-) Saludos!
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