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  1. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in Italian. I am just learning. I also recently had an assignment in college to write an essay in Italian. I wrote it using this site https://studymoose.com for students. You may also need it in your studies for the future. But as far as I can see your level of Italian is higher than mine.
  2. Hi Gustavo, I advise you to honor studentsoftheworld there you can find students from other countries to correspond or even call. I myself have been doing this for some time with the English language. This is a very interesting practice, it differs from the classical methods.
  3. Yes, YouTube is now the best resource for language learning. And the most important thing is free. I just read yesterday an essay on emigrants https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/immigration/ in our time. And there was an amazing story of a man who went a long way from a beggar to a big businessman. And he learned the language from a lesson on YouTube. And he started his own business, too, based on free materials on the Internet.
  4. I came to this forum quite recently as someone who was advised to find here tips and additional materials for learning a language. And reading the topics, I remembered how I first came to London when I was sixteen years old. I was an immigrant. And I didn't know the language at all. I had to look for a job to feed myself. Solve legal issues with my status and look for my hometown, where it is dangerous for me to go through passport control. I needed to learn any valuable language, and it was a matter of survival. And it occurred to me that now many people are looking for answers to diff
  5. Great theme I would definitely add that when you are traveling as a tourist or as someone who has to adapt to life in another country. These are very different things. If you're going to solve problems, go to work and look for new people - and you are an immigrant. These are the most effective conditions for language learning. Well, at least in my experience.
  6. Very interesting application! I started just for fun Spanish. And now I have a desire to move on to the next step How did you create it, is it a term paper? or a project to order?
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forum! Hello everyone! I have been studying Russian for half a year. And I do this exclusively for video lessons and a little for a grammar textbook. And I really want to note here the channel of the Russian blogger "Russian with Anastasia" here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLUSTqYCA18 This channel helped me a lot in the first.
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