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  1. Hello dimis hope its not too late to give an answer to this I believe the issue is not into knowing the use of "a" in this situatuon but in knowing the structures that make up the sentence, in your previous example: "Voy a pasar veintisiete dias en españa" Actually you are using the future tense that in english the equivalent would be "I am going to..." = "Voy a..." So the direct translation of "Voy a pasar veintisiete dias en españa" Would be: "I am going to spend 27 days in spain" Its a bit confusing because in spanish we tend to eliminate the subject
  2. Hello maga i hope its not too late to answer your question Actually "recuento" does mean "recount", all the confusion is about the interpretation that a reader gives to the sentece, but I will explain it to you in the following example In the sentence that you previously mentioned "Biden derrota a trump tras un agonico recuento" "Recuento" means that a previous count was made so the news that you read was the second one that the news-source did about the counting and therefore there is a first article that can be titled like this: "Biden derrota a trump en el conteo de
  3. Hola Eva, mi nombre es Enrique y soy de México, cuando necesites puedo ayudarte conn tus dudas sobre el español y si gustas charlar para que practiques!! Un saludo
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