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  1. But I repeat, this program cannot replace a real translator. Or become a tool for writing, essay or other large text. She can fix it, a little letter no more. For long text, try the writingbros site for writing essays. Here is an example of their robot about the Spanish book https://writingbros.com/essay-examples/the-cask-of-amontillado/ you can get bogged down how exquisitely they made this text. It's a pleasure to read. And Google translator and Gramarli are better left for easy tasks. I am telling you this from personal experience.
  2. It looks like you really enjoyed it. It's worth taking a look.
  3. I think here you need to turn to sociology, and the latest innovations in this area, for your research.
  4. Hello, I think your research is over, and your work is ready. I'm wondering what happened. Share the result.
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