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  1. As the English language continually evolves, new words and expressions are invented all the time. Some new English vocabulary is the result of cultural trends and may have been first used in a book, TV series, or a song. Others can be old words that have come back into fashion, or also old words that have taken on new meanings. Not all new words, however, end up in the dictionary. This depends on how useful a word is to English communication and how frequently it is used across a broad range of contexts. Learning and using these new words will take you closer to sounding like a native spe
  2. The platform that comes to my mind when we talk about English fluency application is ENGVARTA & DUOLINGO. There are a large number of platforms that are there today. But I would suggest to you something that I’ve personally used and turned out to be effective. After using this app, one thing that I realized was “ I knew how to speak, but hesitated and never spoke.” What if I say, you have 15 minutes and the only thing you have to do is speak in English on a topic. You will hesitate. You will find a lack of words. English experts at Engvarta pushes you to the extent where the
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