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  1. You won't be disappointed . Entirely new English grammars are rare, so Andrew Rossiter's Descriptive Grammar of English (207 pages) comes as a breath of fresh air among the classic grammar books many of which have been around for over thirty years. Available as an e-book or paperback from Amazon, this new grammar reference grammar excels by the concision and the clarity of its rules, and the great wealth of really appropriate and memorable examples that it uses to illustrate the fundamental rules of English grammar. A reviewer at the English Australia journal used the expression "elegant
  2. Linguapress.com has a great selection of free resources for teachers and learners of English. Graded reading texts with word guides, audio, and interactive worksheets - from levels B1 to C2 A full English grammar packed with clear rules and really useful examples. Word games and puzzles. And with Linguapress, free really does mean free . No logins needed, no need to open an account, no limits on use. Everything on Linguapress is open-access and free to use. Linguapress - since 1980 - one of the world's great EFL resources websites.
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