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  1. Hey, my dear friends! I just found out an amazing Chinese learning tool. eChineseLearning has been teaching Chinese online for over 14 years,they’are definitely qualified for any level Chinese learner to stick with!! I was completely shocked how they respond to my injury, I been told all of their teachers are native speakers, and eChineseLearning is constantly recruiting those who have the certification to teach Chinese from all around the world! check it out if you are interested! definitely worth a try
  2. I was born in Boston where my mom and dad decided to live their lives. My mom is Korean and my Dad is a Chinese minority. Since I was a kid they've been teaching me Korean as my mother tongue(family wise), Its was hard for me to not know how to speak English. Apparently, everyone around me speaks English so I just learned it without any trouble. When I was like 18 yrs old, they asked me whether I want to learn Chinese or not, I said YES without considerations, I just thought I should learn the language from my father side, Also I already spoke two different languages at that time w
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