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  1. Oh, I bet my friend had a t-shirt with a similar print. I'm not really sure where he bought it, and he might have just made it himself or ordered it on Printful, idk. But I've definitely seen this poster somewhere, even though I was never in Germany. So if someone tells me where it's from to satisfy my curiosity, I'll be grateful!
  2. The demand for React developers has grown significantly over the past few years, and Angular is also becoming a growing trend in the tech world. When you are looking for a react js development services developer, it is important to know how much they charge, what their experience is and what they offer. It is also important to know who they are and whether they have a history of timely delivery.
  3. I think that every foreign citizen will have very useful information about where to extend a permanent visa traveling from one place to another. I can advise you an excellent website on the Internet through which you can extend your visa, get a Russian passport and many other useful services.
  4. Hello to all! I'm tired of looking for a good trading platform. Sometimes it seems to me that I have found a good option, and then I find many flaws.
  5. Actually, if you're willing to work in international companies, it's usually enough to know English. But I know that the cases may vary. Anyway, it's not that hard to find a job like that on special platforms, and if you're willing to find a good vacancy, you can follow the link and find the perfect one among thousands of them.
  6. Could someone help me with choosing a carpet? Only I want to buy a big one for myself, since it's for a child in the room.
  7. Great thanks for your recommendation. I believe that in the near future I will try to intergrate it into my business plan
  8. I managed to find a good tutor on https://preply.com/en/online/chinese-tutors so check out this one too. At first I tried to use some language learning apps but turned out that it's not the best way to learn chinese even though I managed to get pretty good at Spanish and French the same way. So I decided that hiring a tutor would be a better Idea and I was absolutely right. In fact, now I want to improve my french and spanish with a tutor too.
  9. ohh I find this very interesting, I hope it can be shared with more people later.
  10. I really found your topic very interesting because if it's true, no matter where you go, you will always be a foreigner, if you weren't born or belong to that place, thank you very much for sharing.
  11. the truth is I no longer understood the plot of the subject, can someone explain to me?
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