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  1. Hello. I am trying to find the source of the proverbial saying 'One returns to the place one came from.' I know it is from the Fables of Jean La Fontaine, but which one? I would like to check the French language original. Merci
  2. Hello, I am writing a novel which features a French Catholic priest as a minor character. In the book I refer to him by the religious title Père, assuming this to be the French equivalent of the English 'Father'. I use the title in both direct address to the character, and in general reference. (E.g. the Père stood to his feet.) Also, I am unsure whether the title should be capitalized in the foregoing example. I would be grateful for any enlightenment on the issue.
  3. Hello. In the historic French fur trade, the manager of a trading post was often a bourgeois (gentleman and shareholder in the company) Question: Would it be grammatically correct for employees (voyageurs, for example) to address the manager as 'Monsieur Bourgeois'?
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