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  1. Tool to Generate Bilingual Articles and Books - BilingualViewer.com I got a subscription to Le Monde, and struggled a bit at first so as an engineer I wanted a tool that allows me to read bilingually, there wasn’t one so I created one. It's here: www.bilingualviewer.com and it is free for all to use. You can read newspapers like Le Monde on it and create bilingual books out of any online book. There are various options on layout such as French only, English only or both, keep paragraphing etc... I created an illustrated bilingual version of Le comte de Monte-Cristo as, again, I could not find one so made my own with this tool: https://www.amazon.co.uk/comte-Monte-Cristo-Bilingual-Illustrated-French-English-ebook/dp/B08Y71HWYF This tool has enabled me to read exclusively in French, I read Le Monde for news and enjoy Monte-Cristo on my Kindle for night-time reading. This would not be possible at my level without this tool. I've used it for a year and my rating (for taking the TCF exam) is Upper-Intermediate B2 from beginner, so I can say that it works with confidence. One reason is that reading in French becomes a pleasure rather than "Devoirs" since you have access to all text in all languages as your starting point!
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