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  1. Like any Germanic language, English has different sounds for some letters. Without a tutor or an app that has good pronunciation, learning certain words can be difficult.As a stress-timed language, proper spoken English has a certain rhythm to it that most English learners tend to find difficult at the beginning. In my opinion, online English learning is most effective with the guidance of a tutor.
  2. Many learners have been forced to consider online teaching platforms as a result of the pandemic. Most of these online schools are more concerned with their bottom line than they are with providing each learner with personalized teaching.I believe that learning a language should be an adventure! Most teaching guides focus on grammar instead of helping the students practice more. I believe that effective language learning should involve a lot of practice. I help my students improve their spoken English by making sure that they practice real-life conversations extensively. Feel free to contact me for lessons including general English, accent reduction, IELTS & TOEFL prep. and medical English.
  3. Hello, I'm an English teacher specializing in accent reduction, IELTS & TOEFL preparations and Medical English. I like to keep my students fully engaged during the lesson.The first lesson is free. Feel free to contact me. Seeing my students improve their English language skills gives me great satisfaction!
  4. So sad that you couldn't be with someone you seemed to like due to language barrier.Effective communication is at the heart of every successful relationship yet it amazes me how many couples take it for granted! To answer your question, I would consider marrying someone with whom I had no shared language if the chemistry was right and we were both committed towards making it work.
  5. It all depends on one's needs and context. If you're looking to study at an institution of higher learning in an English-speaking country then both IELTS and TOEFL are ideal.However, I would disagree that they're the standard for assessing an individual's comprehensive English language skills. As an IELTS trainer, I've seen students score high marks simply by focusing on test preparations. This is because the students are able to master the question format and practice responding to the questions using a "template", so to speak.Besides, the examiners aren't generally very strict with certain grammatical errors.
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