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  1. Looks like this is a set phrase s'en aller: https://www.multitran.com/m.exe?l1=4&l2=2&s=s'en+aller&langlist=2
  2. Hello! Suppose somebody had to prepare a ransom by noon. Now it's 3 pm but money is still not there. In English (if I am not mistaken at least with this one) the raketeer could say: You should have had it ready by noon! What would be the French equivalent of this? I have three options in mind, but don't know which one if any is correct: Il fallait que tu l'eusses préparé vers midi! ou Il fallait que tu l'ais préparé vers midi! ou bien Il fallait que tu le préparasses vers midi! Somehow I don't feel comfortable about any of these... If none of t
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