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  1. Hey man, how are you going? I'm native of Brazil, in the South America. I don't speak spanish, but, if you're interested in learning a little of portuguese, I would help you. Portuguese is in a someway similar to spanish. If you want to talk, chat me haha.
  2. Hey man, how are you going? Nice to have you here. If you want to talk, chat me. I'm a learner of the english language too, but we can learn together.
  3. Hi Wanda, Well, my current level is intermediary, a little far from basic but still far from the advanced. Nowadays, i'm doing a english course twice a week. I want to spend about 1h every day from monday until saturday. In this moment, improving my knowledge in the time tenses is my priority, but i also want to improve my vocabulary and my speaking. I haven't already google it, i'm just using the material from my english course, but even using that, i'm felling difficults when I have to transform one to other one, for example, when I'm using the reported speech.
  4. Hey guys, how are you going? I'm a new user of this site, and I'd like to know if someone can help me telling which strategys you've used to improve your english if you aren't a native speaker, or, if you are, what have helped you in your the start of you learning. Sorry if I made any mistakes in my writing, i'm a new learner of this language. Fell free to correct me if you want, I'd aprecciate it so much. Ahh, my biggest difficult is with the time tenses. I'm always confused with them.
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