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  1. Hi there! I'm from Belarus and I'm looking for relocate to Poland. I know that it's difficult now. Anyway, I need to find some interactive platforms that would help me to learn Polish. I know our languages are similar, so learning Polish can be easy if I find good platforms. Recently I found Mówić po polsku and 3ears.com. They both support interactive player. But 3ears.com also supports interactive transcript and word info (which I find very useful). But 3ears do not have too much Polish content. As I see, they focus more on the Russian language, which is a little frustrating, beca
  2. I can suggest you Be Fluent in Russian YouTube Channel. His videos are awesome! Also you can find his video on 3ears.com This platform has interactive video player and different tools to make your studying Russian easier.
  3. I agree, it's a great thread. We need to know Swear words too!
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