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  1. Hello, my name's Mariana I'm from Bulgaria. I'd like to improve my English and Russian skills. I'm total beginner at Italian and I know a bit in Esperanto. As application I wrote skype, but I have more apps so we can talk about that which one of them will be the right. If you'd like to learn Bulgarian I'm here to help you! I'll be very happy to learn new things in English, Russian, Italian or Esperanto! My skype is maniana95979
  2. Hello my name's Mariana I'm 26 I live in a small village near Kazanlak in Bulgaria. I'm a christian. I'm blind and I've cerebral palsy that's why the news about the corona virus didn't disturb me cause I don't go out much. Here in my home I learn languages, read books, I love listening to music and everything which is a sound makes me curious that's why I ask my friends to record the sound around them. I said books and music but I didn't describe what I read or listen to. I like to read adventures crime stories science fiction classic books, history novels, books about traveling to different p
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