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  1. This book was written using The Nature Method which utilizes our natural ability to acquire language. Focusing less on the grammar and skills based means of language acquisition, this book allows a reader, with none to some degree of knowledge in the English language, to improve their language level. This is done through repetitive listening, and reading of the text with minimal explicit teaching of grammar.* With the help of diagrams and repetitive vocabulary in the margins, the student will learn how to read English, while at the same time, learn new vocabulary words by inducing the meaning
  2. Hello Everyone! When trying to learn French, we are always looking for books to help us learn! I've found an amazing collection that will help you develop your English from pre-beginner to advanced. The French book is part of a collection of books that uses the Nature Method. The Nature method is an approach to learning a language as naturally and as stress free as possible. This collection has created other books to help you learn other languages such as Latin, Spanish, Russian, Italian...etc Here is a quick summary of the book: To summarize the book, it consists of 1124 pages
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