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  1. For me I just eat healthy and then sleep properly. It's more of how you take care of your body and brain rather than doing a specific activity and just relying on that. I think I've tried eating those that help build neurotransmitters? That's probably the best advice I can give.
  2. I think there's not really a limitation but more of how many will you retain after a few weeks/months/years. In a way, there's also a technique on how to learn languages fast which will help you if your memory of a certain language was stored in your brain. According to this guide (the reference is below), here are the best ways to learn languages fast: 1) It’s necessary to listen at a natural speech rate when learning a new language; 2) Start learning a new language by focusing on speech rather than text; 3) The distinction between studying and learning a language; 4) Language learning is possible through comprehensible input, which is an unconscious process. 5) The spaced repetition strategy can help you recall information. 6) Other basic approaches for how to learn foreign languages fast and effectively like taking live lessons or self-study programs that prompt you to speak. Which one of these tips do you think you can relate or agree with? I think I'm more of number 2 and 4. Here's the link to the whole article for the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2is7Vi7WXw (Their documentary video)
  3. Have you tried learning via an audio language course? Or do you need an actual speaker that you can speak to in person? If you still can't find anyone there, I can recommend this course called Ripeti Con Me on a website called Think In Italian. I've learned a few lessons there and I can say it really works. You can learn even if you have zero knowledge in the Italian language (or any other Latin-related languages). On the other hand, if you have any techniques or comments/suggestions, let's discuss them
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