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  1. For me I just eat healthy and then sleep properly. It's more of how you take care of your body and brain rather than doing a specific activity and just relying on that. I think I've tried eating those that help build neurotransmitters? That's probably the best advice I can give.
  2. I think there's not really a limitation but more of how many will you retain after a few weeks/months/years. In a way, there's also a technique on how to learn languages fast which will help you if your memory of a certain language was stored in your brain. According to this guide (the reference is below), here are the best ways to learn languages fast: 1) It’s necessary to listen at a natural speech rate when learning a new language; 2) Start learning a new language by focusing on speech rather than text; 3) The distinction between studying and learning a language; 4)
  3. Have you tried learning via an audio language course? Or do you need an actual speaker that you can speak to in person? If you still can't find anyone there, I can recommend this course called Ripeti Con Me on a website called Think In Italian. I've learned a few lessons there and I can say it really works. You can learn even if you have zero knowledge in the Italian language (or any other Latin-related languages). On the other hand, if you have any techniques or comments/suggestions, let's discuss them
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