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  1. Hello all, great discussion we have going here! We are all trying to learn something, and if you're not learning, you're losing! At @My ESL Roomwe have courses for all ages, likes and levels for English language learners. Have a look at our courses, you will surely find a course that is right for you; if you don't find one, you can email us ([email protected]) and ask for it. We are continually adding courses to have our students happy! Happy learning, Your Team @My ESL Room
  2. Hello Derek, wow! Just wow! What a fantastic idea! Thank you for this cool app! Happy learning, Your Team @My ESL Room
  3. Hola MiroUIO, My ESL Room está aquí para ayudarle. Visite nuestra página web https://myeslroom.com y revise los cursos. Escoja un curso que le gusta, y podremos empezar. Nuestros tutores son 100% fluídos tanto en español como en inglés. También podría ud. visitar nuestros socials: en Facebook o en Instagram. Feliz aprendizaje, Su equipo en My ESL Room
  4. At My ESL Room, we aim to have everyone in the World speak English. That is why our company was founded. With over 10 years of teaching experience, our teachers really do care about the student, and will do everything possible to have them speak English. Please visit our website: https://myeslroom.com/
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