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  1. Where do you usually watch Russian movies?
  2. Good evening! I advise you to become familiar with such a project as sypwai.com, because it is very important for all mankind and will help to optimize business processes and reduce the number of emissions which have a negative impact on our planet. If you are interested in such a subject, make sure you follow my link on the site https://incubator-tech.com/ where you can find all the information and find out how exactly you can take part in this project.
  3. Tell us how you grow your business using LinkedIn
  4. I recommend Octopus CRM a powerful LinkedIn automation tool. Advanced LinkedIn outreach automation software that is really worth the money.This tool can be used across accounts, whether it is free or you have a premium subscription. I advise you not to waste your time on routine tasks and entrust them to this tool!
  5. Do you consider sports betting to be safe gambling?
  6. Creating even small and technically simple software requires a lot of knowledge and clear execution of each process, so an ordinary person who hasn't been trained in this is unlikely to be able to create a really good program. I advise you to contact professional developers from this company https://splitmetrics.com/blog/guide-to-mobile-app-advertising/ , who have been running mobile applications or games for a long time and turn them into a successful business! The guys also set up and run advertising on apps, which helps people see your apps and increase the number of users!
  7. What kind of storage space would you recommend?
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