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  1. I am not sure but I think '만나' is a verb, therefore I chose B!
  2. I'm overwhelmed about all this nice replies. seem like there are dozens of interesting loanwords in Japanese. It looks like Japanese are really creative when it comes to "borrowing vocabulary". At least one area where the Japanese are not that patriotic xD
  3. Let me share another one here: the german word Impotenz (impotence). In Japanese it has the same meaning as in English or German and it is written インポ (impo).
  4. I did not know that there are also french loanwords in the Japanese Language. That transformation from "avec" to a full-fledged Japanese Word is pretty awesome! thank you for sharing the knowledge. Really appreciate it.
  5. I have to say that Katakana for me is really much harder to learn than Hiragana. The characters look all so similar. This is not the case with Hiragana. There are just a few characters to learn (compared with Kanji) but still, I keep forgetting them on a regular basis
  6. Studying the hardcore way... When it comes to studying a language, there are many different ways of attacking the „target language“. Some people open their internet browser and scan the internet for study resources for the respective language, others might buy a book in a bookstore and some simply listen to an audio book in language XYZ. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is also a „Hardcore study approach“. Click on the link to see how „Khatzumoto“ studied ((maybe still studies)) Japanese (this study approach can be applied to any other language). http://www.alljapaneseall
  7. thank you betita for that app. I will try it out. I am curious about the Kanji Box app. My friend told me that he has a lot of fun studying Japanese with it. Anyone here owns this app and would like to give a brief review about it?
  8. cool stuff yea what is Schadenfreude, Marcel?!? sounds wierd :-\
  9. German loanwords in the English language I already started a thread about Loanwords in the Japanese Language. I would like to do the same for German loandwords in the English language. Up to now I found those one’s here: Hamburger ,Schnapps, Handstand, Rucksack, Kindergarten,Poltergeist, uber / über, Blitzkrieg, Zeitgeist I am sure there are many more and I hope that maybe some German speakers can provide more :=) The Uber / über one is really strange to me, I can not really understand it. Would be grateful for an example / a clarification !
  10. Loandwords in the Japanese language Japanese can be really funny..when I first heard some of the english loan words in Japanese, I was like...wtf? :=) Dou you know some funny loanwords ? I will get you going with some: ice cream - aisu kurīmu (from English) apartment – apato (obviously from Englsih too) arbeiten - arubeito / beito (from German, my favorite one haha) butter - batā (from English) computer - konpyūta (from English) fight - faito
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