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  1. Has anyone here had experience with learning chinese via Rosetta Stone? And if so, was it rather helpful and well done or would you suggest goign a different route? I tried some of their trial stuff and really liked it, so I thought I might ask some other people about their opinion.
  2. I´m really not sure why google has not figured out a way to improve their translation feature. They have so many resources to use but they dont seem to care about the translate function at all. I think it has been the same for the last 5 years or so. They could figure out some algorithm, which recognizes patterns in languages and sorts after relevance (based on the content/context). They could just start out with like 5 of the top languages at first and expand later on.
  3. Well for me there are several reasons why I want to learn chinese. First one is pretty obvious, learning a new language is always good because it opens a new world to you; so many new people you can talk to. In my opinion chinese can also be very important if you need to deal with chinese companies for business purposes, but on the other hand is also a very beautiful language. It kind of feels like reading a story when you look at the different chinese characters/symbols, containing one another and thus creating a new meaning.
  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to make a short introduction post here so you get to know me. I`m from Germany and I want to learn some other languages besides english, mainly looking for chinese/arabic and maybe either french or spanish.
  5. Where I live (Germany), we mostly only have basic english education. If you do not make an effort yourself and had bad luck with teachers in school, you might not be proficient enough to have a proper conversation in english. I think younger generations have it easier now to expose themselves to other languages through the internet and that is a really good starting point, but our educational system is way outdated in my opinion and has to be changed.
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