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  1. Hi, What's the difference between the 2 sentences? I stopped smoking. I stopped to smoke.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure about this so I thought I'd ask. Do we need -ing after 'instead of'?
  3. Hi, Are these reported sentences correct? 1. He has told me he will go to the pool. 2. He had told me he would go to school.
  4. Which sentence is correct? They are such kind people children. or They are so kind children.
  5. Please tell me which word is correct in the following sentence, who or whom? Yesterday, I saw a familiar man Who/whom I thought was my old friend since at high school. Can you tell me whether who or whom is the correct word to use here?
  6. What does 'L' mean in dictionaries? 'T' stands for transitive and 'I' for intransitive, what is L? Thanks
  7. I am required to gather some examples of a predicate nominative. Is this OK? What do you think? Chris is the best player on the team.
  8. Hi, Would anyone be so kind to explain the difference between "most" & "the most"? For example: - What I like most is ... and - What I like the most is ... I don't understand what the difference is. Any help is appreciated.
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