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  1. I know English and Spanish, and I'm trying to learn Latin. I can't imagine learning more than three languages, it's so hard for me to learn a new language. I know a lot of people who are fluent in two languages, and a handful of people who know three languages, but I've never met anyone who knew four or more languages. Do any of you know more than three languages? What's your secret? Is it just easy for you to learn languages, or did you struggle through it?
  2. I just got the Photo Translator app for my iPad and it has been very handy for helping to translate Japanese calligraphy. I have a lot of jewelry and wooden boxes that have Japanese calligraphy on them and it's been fun translating them. Of course, most of them translate into "luck"! I had to search and search to find a link to a website with Japanese "luck" calligraphy that didn't have a ton of ads on it, here's one where you can see what "luck" looks like: http://www.orientaloutpost.com/shufa.php?q=luck. Anyway, the Photo Translator app is free and it can translate the text off of anyth
  3. Hi, I spend a lot of time driving in the car, and I was thinking about trying to learn Latin while driving. Since it really isn't a conversational language I'm worried that any language CD that I buy will be very dry and boring. Does anybody have any suggestions for a Latin CD that is funny and interesting or at least not boring? I'm sure that my kids will complain no matter what, but I'd like to be somewhat interested. I can't afford Rosetta Stone - I'm looking for something a little cheaper than that. "Getting Started With Latin" is only about $17, that's more my price range...
  4. Here are some of my favorite Spanish idioms: The son of a cat kills mice (Like father like son) El hijo de la gato, ratones mata. I have an aunt who plays the guitar (What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?) Yo tengo una tia que toca la quitarra. He has more wool than a lamb. (He has lots of cash) Tiene más lana que un borrego. Idioms are some of the hardest things to learn about a language. Idioms are for the birds!
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