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  1. Yeah, I will agree with you that getting the stroke order can be a little bit of a challenge, especially for a person like me who is not so "artistically" gifted. But again, is there a way for the examiners knowing that you have used the incorrect stroke order as long as the character is correctly represented?
  2. I recently joined a chinese institute in the hope of increasing my chances of getting a scholarship. I was told that only after attaining a level 5 can I be eligible for any masters scholarships. How long does it take to achieve this level?? Thanks.
  3. Well, I did it for a number of reasons, first of all the Chinese characters seem like really fun to learn and the language generally sounds like a fun language to speak too. At the same time, I am planning to go and do my masters in China so that's why :clown:
  4. I am currently learning Chinese so that I can get a scholarship to study in a Chinese university. I am planning on studying Masters in Biomedical Technology. I would appreciate any lead on the best universities I can apply to for a scholarship and why you think they are the best.
  5. Hey guys, what would you say is the hardest part in the Chinese exam? I am not afraid of studying, but I believe a heads up would do. Plus, what areas do I have to concentrate on so that I pass with flying colors?
  6. Hey guys, I am really glad that I joined this forum I am looking forward to having wonderful and fulfilling discussions with all of you. I am a recent graduate, and I am planning to pursue my masters degree in China :nerd:, hence the need for me to study Chinese. I believe that this is the forum for me as I look forward to learning a lot form you. Cheers. :clown:
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