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  1. I have a similarly hard time with: spelled vs. spelt learned vs. learnt burned vs. burnt Are both usages acceptable in these cases as well?
  2. Let's start a list of words spelled differently in American and Canadian English (and can someone from the UK tell me how they spell these?). Color in America, colour in Canada Favorite in America, Favourite in Canada Neighbor in America, Neighbour in Canada Is it always the 'u'? Are there other words spelled differently?
  3. A commonly-used trick with school-aged children is to stick post-it notes on everything with the associated word on it. On a chair, you could have the word "chair" as well as "to sit". On the fridge, you could have the word "fridge" but also "cold", "food", etc. Surrounding yourself with the language that you are learning will help you pick up vocabulary even when you aren't trying! :party:
  4. The two languages that I speak are portmanteau words: Spanglish and Frenglish :speechless:
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