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  1. I love the Spanish language because it is one of those languages that is easy to learn. As for my favorite quote, here it is: "Hablar bien descanza la lengua .. y salva los dientes." Which means "To speak politely is easy on the tongue, and can save the teeth." Funny, but makes sense to me.
  2. Hi, I am currently studying Japanese and I must say that I am learning little by little. If you are like me who want to learn the basic greetings used by Japanese people, here is a quick list that you can use: Basic greetings in Japanese Ohayou. Good morning. Konnichiwa. Good afternoon. Konbanwa. Good evening. Nanika atta? What's up? Dou sh iteru? How's everything? Kawatta koto aru? What's new? Tadaima. I'm back (home). Ittekimasu. I'm leaving. Feel free to share what you know of here. Cheers!
  3. I too have issues on English pronunciation so I also look for handy tools in the web to help me out. The best place to search so that I've found is through Youtube. There, you'll be able to hear and read correct pronunciations of complicated English words; which for me is very useful. Have you tried it yet?
  4. I am not a native American but I can say that I have a good command of English language. Since it is one of the most common languages in the world, we can fairly say that it is extremely important that learning English grammar is imperative, especially if you are trying to get a good. In my country alone, most interviews are done using this language and if you cannot express yourself well, you will most likely do not get the job you are applying for. In my current job, I probably won't make it if I have poor grammar and little understanding of the English language. It is a big help actually,
  5. Hi everyone! The name's Cecil and I am from the Philippines. I am a writer/blogger/content manager/mom to 3 wonderful kids. And yes, I am pretty busy but I can't help myself but join each time I see interesting forums like this one. Currently, I am studying Japanese and hopefully, I can join my sister who is already a citizen in Japan. Can't to see what you guys can share here. Hope to meet new friends and get valuable information from you all. See you around the boards!
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