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  1. Take "waffle" and add any word to it. Wafflestorm! Waffleface! Waffleman! Wafflehair! Wafflepuke! It's just so stupid when you imagine it. But so good.
  2. Definitely Korean! I'm a giant esports geek (starcraft ) and if you didn't know, the best competitors are in fact Korean. I really wanna go to Seoul. From what i've seen, it's a pretty beautiful place and, of course it's the mecca of the esports world.
  3. Thanks Xenon! I am really terrible at german atm. I need something like an app to help me learn. I am a beginner to the max, pretty much knowing only how to introduce myself. I can read pretty good though, so that's a plus.
  4. I can't agree that english is a hard language to learn. I fluently speak english after no courses at all, just talking with people over the internet through forums and multiplayer games. When i encountered a word i didn't know, i looked it up on a dictionary. It did cause some problems for me now, tho. I use english MORE than my home language, Polish which leads to the fact that i often loose words and end up saying something stupid. Or actually knowing what a word means and being able to explain it in english, but not knowing the polish translation.
  5. That's a great idea. I actually learned english by chatting with people over the internet, and reading forums. It's enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend this to anyone learning english.
  6. I learnt it like this: I laid my head on my shoulder. My head is lying on my shoulder. He's laying head on my shoulder. I don't like going in-depth and thinking too much about english. I prefer just memorizing these things by reading forums and chatting with people.
  7. Hiragana is very important indeed. I suggest you start learning it immediately. Also, don't worry about romaji. It will come naturally once you learn hiragana and katakana.
  8. Katakana is pretty easy for me. The only things i had a problem with were shi, tsu, so and n. I find hiragana harder, and kanji reaaally hard.
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