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  1. As a german, german words that got 'imported' into the english language sound really funny to me. Words like 'kindergarten', 'doppelgänger' or 'to abseil' just sound weird for a native speaker
  2. This still confuses me. Are both versions right? I see and read both of them pretty frequently, 'a lot' seems to be more common though, and it's what I used most often.
  3. I was about 8 years old. In most elementary schools in Germany, they start teaching English in the 3rd grade. I never got really good at it though, until I started to play the guitar at the age of 14 and watched english guitar lessons on Youtube all day That's what really got me started. Now I watch nearly every movie and TV series in english, I just can't enjoy the german dubs anymore.
  4. Irish, Scottish and Australian are definitely my favourite accents. It can get hard to understand everything sometimes, but it's just very enjoyable and even funny to listen to.
  5. Hello everyone! I want so start learning spanish in the near future and always found the best way to learn a new language is watching TV series, videos or movies in the respective language. Are there any movies/TV series you could recommend? Or maybe an entertaining Youtube channel?
  6. I want to learn spanish in the near future. I have been to spain quite often and always enjoyed it immensely, but always felt so bad not understanding most things. Spanish people always talk so fast
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