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  1. There are so many people, especially in America that speak Spanish. It's one of the languages most widely spoken and it would always be an asset to know this language. A lot of jobs are looking for people who are fluent. Also, if you are fluent and wanted to make some money on the side, you could easily get certified as a translator and do odd jobs every here and there. I have a friend fluent in both English and Spanish and can make a lot of money from doing only a few jobs a month.
  2. Some of the best French literature I've read have been old student books that have the page in French and the English translation on the next page. I have found a couple in antique shops before and loved them as a learning tool but I does anyone know where I can go online to find more?
  3. When visiting a country where you aren't familiar with their language, what are all the phrases you should know before going there? I thought about "where is the bathroom" "how to I get to the ____" but I'd like to be fully prepared here. What should every tourist know in a foreign country? And what is the best way to learn it?
  4. I have taken a Chinese class before and loved it and found it super easy and I was quick to learn. However, without daily use I forgot most of what I learned. I have taken other language classes before and I still sometimes think in French, but I just can't get Chinese to stick in my head for a very long time. Any help?
  5. I took French for two years in high school and fell head over heels for the language and now I'm wanting to learn more. What is the best way? I have heard a lot of people watch movies and tv shows in French to get comfortable. The thing is I have a lot of free time on my hands, so I was thinking of maybe taking an online class or is in classroom easier? Any suggestions?
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