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  1. My small private school was a similar experience; option to start in junior high, but I wasn't required to (so I didn't!) until 9th grade. We only had Spanish as an offering, so I half-heartedly did my two years and moved on. It wasn't until I was 25 and moved to Belgium, and then France, that I felt the language passion for learning French. Here in France, the students must choose their "first-second-language" at 8 years old! Then they add another one at 12 years, and finally have an optional fourth language around 15-16 years old. We Americans would be much more culturally sound if we respected other languages enough to embed them earlier in our education curriculum. I feel cheated that it wasn't just expected of us like it is of the students in Europe. Doing my best to make up for lost time now!
  2. I'm really looking for a Spanish refresher course, and it would be great to find it in an app for an iPod! Any ideas? I do love workbook formats, but do not have the space for books where I live these days, and can't really afford one anyway. Maybe there is a digital workbook via PDF somewhere out there on the internet...
  3. Hello Everyone! I've been living in the Paris area for 2 years now, slowly learning French while teaching English! I am in love with languages, currently adding Spanish back into the work load. I took just 2 years of Spanish in high school, and didn't realize it had really stuck with me until late college when I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic and could still communicate! Unfortunately, most of my original Spanish is now lying under a thick mass of French lessons since 2011, but needing to bring my Spanish back out for a Spain trip later this spring. I love talking about language, how it affects us, how it affects culture, and how the physiological differences affect our accents. See you on the forum! -Whatupswags
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