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  1. I would say i am in between slow and fast. When i read something, i want to have a complete understanding of it. This is why i do not read fast. But at the same time, i am able to comprehend what i read pretty quickly so i do not read slow.
  2. Yeah i think that if you are going to use slang terms, you should do it with people that know what the terms mean and speak the slang themselves
  3. Yes! My girlfriend is Mexican, so i thought it would be nice to learn the Spanish language and learn how to speak it well.
  4. I agree with this. The PSAT is crucial to your success on the real thing. You need to have a complete understanding of the type of questions that are going to be on the test. This will help you focus better and not be caught off guard by any questions on the test or the format of the test.
  5. How often do you use English slang terms and do you like using them?
  6. Has learning French given you a better appreciation of French culture in general?
  7. What are some of the most effective tips you have used for learning Spanish?
  8. To those of you who have being studying Chinese, how long have you been studying?How would you rate your fluency when it comes to speaking the language and how comfortable are you speaking the language?
  9. Have you learned enough Spanish to the point that you can actually speak it fluently?
  10. For those of you learning Japanese, what is your motivation for learning it. Do you think learning Japanese will help you appreciate the Japanese culture?
  11. Hi everyone my name is Daniel and i am a new member on this forum. This is a forum that seems to have a lot of interesting topics on it, so i decided to join up and engage with other posters on here. I hope to post here for the near future.
  12. How often do you use slang terms in regard to the English language. I have a friend who learned English as a second language and he has gotten so comfortable with the language, he regularly uses slang terms.
  13. I would consider myself to be a pretty fast reader. I have mastered the art of fast comprehension. I am able to comprehend what i am reading at a good pace. I think it helps when you are taught to read at an early age. It also helps when you do a lot of reading with regularity in your spare time.
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