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  1. Yes, I do. I really care what other people think about my English accent and the way I speak English. Because my first language is not English, so I am scared if other people do not understand what i am saying. Also i have an accent, this is not really good for getting a job if this job requires speaking English a lot. This is a motivation for me to study and practice English more.
  2. My favorite English accent is Canadian English. I used to live in UK and I learned English accent from British. However, when i moved to Canada from London, I recognized that there were many words speaking differently. For example, letter and water. I was confused when i spoke those words in Canada. However, my accent was changed a bit day by day, and it's seem like Canadian English right now. And I love it. I will keep this accent and do not change it anymore.
  3. In Vietnam, English is a part of education. In my case, I started learning English when i was grade 6 at secondary school and ended at grade 12. However, I think that almost student could not speak English well after 7 years of learning this language as a subject at school. The reason is that teacher's skill is not very good to teach students. They always focus on grammar and students do not have any chance to pratice English speaking skill. Moreover, teacher do not pronounce English words correctly. :frozen:
  4. 你好 我很高兴收到您的反馈,谢谢2恭维。希望我们能够讨论和学习更多的中国。有几件事情,如果我知道我不会问你。相反,如果你的身体会帮你的东西,你不知道。 我希望你会学到真正的好中国和中国讲好。 :grin: :wacky:
  5. 大家好。 我的名字是牧师,21岁,我在中国学习3个月左右。我能说广东话,但不知道文字。我可以写简体中国的几句话。如果我有什么不对达姆指望别人来解决我的错误。很高兴认识和熟悉每一个人。 我想学普通话,以便能够在中国旅行。希望对大家的学习。
  6. There are 2 types of comparision sentence. Type 1: As + adjective/adverb + as ( positve sentence) As/ so + adjective/adverb + ad ( negative sentence) Ex: She is as tall as Kelly. She isn't so tall as Kelly. Type 2: _ Long adjective/adverb More + adjective/adverb + than Ex: She is more beautiful than Angelia. He is more talkative than girls. _ Short adjective/adverb Adjectiver/adverb + er Ex: He runs faster than John He is taller than Trish. He is heavier tha
  7. Thanks for sharing your comments! From what i have learned from my teacher, they only told me that those are some ways to express and descride your feeling. Some sentence you wrote, I think that should be depended on the way you talk such as when you are angry, happy, worried.... Therefore, they need some words likes wow, ahh, ohh... Anyways, thanks for your sharing!
  8. In this post, I would like to give a tip to you guys who are learning basic English how to use "a" and "an". Those word always go with countable nouns and its mean one. A/ An + Noun How to use: "An" is used when nouns are started by " u, e, o, a, i" " A" is used for the rest of nouns. For example: an apple a child a key a choice an umbrella...
  9. Question with What is usually asked about thing, name, date, month, job, time..... For example: What is this? This is a table What are these? These are tables What is your name? My name is ABC What is their names? Their name is AAA What is the date? It is November 16th. What is today? Today is Sunday. What is your job? I am a student. What are their jobs? They are students. What is the time? It is 9.00 pm What is your nationality? I am Chinese.
  10. The question with who is asked about person. There are two types of question with who: Type 1: Single Question: Who + is + this/ that/ he/ she/ it? Answer: This/ That/ She/ He / It + is + noun. Example: Who is he? He is Chris. Type 2: Plural Question: Who + are + these/ those/ they? Answer: These/ Those/ They + are + noun. Example: Who are they? They are university students. Note: Who is = Who's
  11. What is exclamation sentence? Exclamation sentence is a sentence which describes feeling such as: happy, angry, worry, susprise... There are two types of exclamation sentence: 1. What + a/an + Adjective + Noun! Example: What a beautiful day! What an ugly picture! What a sunny day! What a bad weather! 2. How + Adjective + Subject + Be! Example: How handsome he is! How amazing story is! How bad it is!
  12. What is linking verb? Linking verb is a verb taks role as connection between subject and object or adjective. Not same as other action verbs, they do not describe an action. There are 11 linking verbs which are: be, become, remain, appear, seem, sound, taste, feel, look, smell. Example: She feels bad about her final exam. He becomes a doctor. This chicken soup taste sour. He looks like rich man. This room smell bad. He is sorry about his mistake.
  13. There are 3 types of conditional sentences. Type 1: If + S + Vs/es ( present)+ O, S + will/ can/ may + V + O Ex: If it is rainny, I will take an umbrella. Type 2: If + S + V2/ed ( past) + O, S + would/ could/ might+ V + O Ex: If I did not study yesterday, I could not get good marks in exams today. Type 3: If + S + had + V3/ed ( past perfect) + O, S + would/ could/ might + have + V3/ed + O. Ex: If I had been in London, I would have seen Big Ben clock. Note: Vs/Ves: does ( do), goes ( go).... V-ing: doing, looking, sending... V2: went ( go), did ( do) , ran ( run)
  14. If you want to write an article or a research paper, you have to have good writting skills. Make sure that every sentence will be written correctly. 1. Simple present: S + /is/ am/ are / Vs/ Ves + O 2. Simple past: S + was/ were/ V2/Ved + O 3. Future: S + will + V + O 4. Present continuous: S + is/ am/ are + V-ing + O 5. Past continuous: S + was/were + V-ing + O 6. Present perfect: S + has/have + V3/ed + O 7. Past perfect: S + had + V3/ed + O Note: Vs/Ves: does ( do), goes ( go).... V-ing: doing, looking, sending... V2: went ( go), did ( do) , ran ( run).... V3: Done ( do), gone ( go), writ
  15. I think that if anyone want to learn Korean language, they should should study by watching Korean Tv shows on KBS world TV cause they have English subtitle. Moreover, watching music show or any show which your idol on it . Its really useful ways. I have been watching so many shows on TV and youtube such as Bare foot friends, We got married, .... Hope this helps !
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