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  1. I have always thought of this. Personally, I wish I was taught another language while I was young. Because I'm learning French, I'll probably teach my kid French. I have a good feeling we will be living overseas where it will come in handy. I'm not sure about how my girlfriend will feel about that though. She currently is studying Spanish, so she probably has another idea in mind. :grin:
  2. Bonjour everyone, I'm Twisted Fairytale! Some people call me Twisty or Twisted. I am currently a Freshman in college, studying my general education requirements because I am undecided on what to do with my life. I do know that I will be minoring in French though, so I'm glad to be here at linguaholic! I look forward to becoming more apart of the community!
  3. As the two above me have cleared up the air, this is a good time to say that a lot of french phrases, when translated directly into English, are very repetitive and make no sense what so ever. Most of them can be idioms, that are directly respective to the French language. I know, it's super confusing. I'm still trying to grasp questions like this.
  4. My French is not good enough to know some of these idioms by heart, but these two have got to be my favorite! I have never thought of my business as "onions", but I'll try to throw this in a conversation to see how friends react. "Hey Chuck, how are you today? You look a little sad, what's wrong?" "It's none of your onions..."
  5. My French 1010 teacher highly recommends using Word Reference for word translation instead of sites like Google Translate. Word Reference gives definitions as well as parts of speech, synonyms, and even the word in the other language. http://www.wordreference.com/ I have WR bookmarked on all of my devices, as well as the free, downloadable app for the iPhone!
  6. It's a funny story in my family... Originally, I had to choose a foreign language for Highschool, so I decided to take French. Everyone else was taking Spanish, but I decided to be different. So I signed up for French. My dad told me that he would learn French with me, but I wasn't learning much in school and he jumped straight on his personal studies. After the first year, he was speaking full sentences and correcting my grammar left and right while I only knew about culture. Now I am in my fourth year of French (first year of college French), and I have a decent grasp on the language, but
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